Mapping the Lives

Mapping the Lives is an outstanding project that we are proud to be involved in.
The non-profit Tracing the Past is in the process of creating a unified online memorial for all victims of nazi persecution during WW2.

Beginning with a map visualising where the persecuted lived at the time the German census was done in 1939 based on the census data from the German federal archives, including over 350,000 individual records and millions of data points. The data has been cleaned, optimised and visualised to help people understand how integrated Jews and other persecuted individuals were previous to the war, and how much they lost as a result of the fascist regime.

The original design of the service

Here is the original design of the database.

New Design of the database

And this is the new design. Visual, Map-based and much easier to understand.

We designed a new search interface to easily find a location or individual and view biographies. Currently the user can see basic census information, and the outline of an individual’s path through the war, including deportations, imprisonments, immigrations, emigrations and other information on the deceased.

We are currently preparing more than 2 million more biographies from across Europe. New data types like photos and long-form biographies will be supported in coming updates, as well as a wiki-like CMS system for including information from family members and other sources.

We encourage you to support this project and if you live in Germany, we encourage you to look up your own address!

Try it below: