Schönbichler Teehaus branding

Schönbichler is one of the oldest Tea and Spirits shops in Vienna. They’re located right in the centre of the city since 1870. It’s one of the last original shops in the area, and it looks like someone slipped up and left the door to Harry Potter’s world open.

The staff is serious, they know more about tea than any other shop in town. Besides the best tea, they have an incredible collection of spirits including small, local distilleries and extremely hard-to-find products from around the globe.

They came to me to freshen up the brand without stepping on their heritage. It’s about reaching a wider audience without sacrificing the institution or alienating loyal customers. We need to move slowly, adding little touches to the brand bit by bit. The first step is the new logo grouping that enforces the iconic tower image and celebrates 150 years in the business. That will make it’s way to all the marketing materials and base products. The next step is in the works, so there’s more to come!