8Bit goes Disco

In 2021 we got tasked with providing a new interior design for the BettelAlm, a Viennese clubbing institution.

Our work included creating new wall-art for the main club and helping to create a dedicated side club – the ElektroSau – that is geared towards a more technophile audience.

To create a coherent concept we devised an eye-catching color scheme and a led matrix that was going to be the center piece of the clubs light installation.

The led matrix was custom designed, planed and build entirely by our team in house. Throughout the process we regularly consulted with our customer to cater to all needs and make the control of the lights through the DJ as user friendly as possible, while providing stunning visual effects.

Process of building the light installation

We were able to draw from our experience in working with controllable leds in the past and set out constructing a prototype of a pixelated display.

Example of video playback on the prototype.

After having presented the prototype to our client and getting their approval to move forward we had to get started with the actual planing of the big display. To ease construction we designed custom PCBs to mount the led strips to, a framing system, grid dividers and custom build control unit that can handle standardised inputs through the ArtNet protocol.

Technical drawing of the whole setup

Given that some corners and angles were quite tricky the frame was build and test fitted on site.
The leds and the grid were later added and tested in our office.

Due to the extensive planing beforehand the installation was only a matter of a day. With the result looking like this:

Throughout the process of planing and constructing the display we payed attention to making it as easy as possible to service and repair while ensuring a robust construction able to withstand the rough environment of a night club.

If this project caught your eye or sparked your interest in highly customisable lighting (art-)installations contact us now for a quote.