Privacy Policy & Imprint

Lets keep this simple.

We do not track any visitors on our website, apart from the technically absolutely necessary and unavoidable server access logs. When this website is visited, our server, which is located in Germany and therefore under European data protection law, stores the requested information in a text file and can then deliver the website to you.

If you send us a message through our contact form, whatever you write will be transmitted through e-mail to us. Please do NOT enter any confidential information in this form, as e-mail is notoriously unsafe and we can not secure the data until it arrives on our servers. Once it arrives, your message will be on our servers. Asking us to delete your e-mails via e-mail will result in an infinite loop that causes a black hole to form and consume the planet, so don’t do that. We will store your message safely in our mailbox, and if it’s extraordinarily witty we might share the contents anywhere. We do not send any newsletters, we will not give your data to anybody else, and we are not going to make fun of your cringy, 20-year-old hotmail username.

Should law enforcement ask us for your information we will be all like, “Who? What? We have no idea what you’re talking about, man.”

If you want to have all your data deleted please do not contact us, ask your grandkids to format C:/ and bake the cookies for 25 minutes at 180°.

We do not store any cookies on your computer, tablet, phone, fridge, car, watch, smart home device, bluetooth headphones or wifi- connected tennis shoes, but the cookies in the cabinet behind the coffee cups are ours, don’t you dare touch those.

We might set hyperlinks to other websites. In fact we do. Our privacy statement does not apply to any linked content.

We do not load any external libraries, all the resources are delivered straight from our server, just like grandma used to do.


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