Haus der Musik Clong

Haus der Musik in Vienna, Austria launched a new interactive installation called Sonotopia with Stefan Schilcher & Christine Pilsl of Contraire, an Austrian art collective. Users engage in VR to create their unique “Clong” that is a visually-represented sound that joins the rest in a universe of sound that fills a room in the museum with visuals and sound. They asked us to design some merchandise for their shop that was something new and different than the standard. We developed an app to interpret images of the Clongs into Op-Art graphics that could be screenprinted. We used those to create a line of high-end art shirts as unique as the Clongs themselves are. Each one-of-a-kind, limited and numbered, produced by hand at a local small business, FabricFabrik.

  • Product Design
  • Promo Design
  • Software Development

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